This is the full text of my 1975 booklet. I have made some small revisions and corrections, but have not updated it. For a list of my own post-1975 booklets on the subject see my Royal Arms in Churches Homepage.



The following list is intended to include all articles etc., which deal entirely or mainly with the subject of Royal Arms in churches. Not included are sections on the subject in more general books (except in one particularly interesting case). Apart from a few very short notes I believe that the list is complete [as of 1975], but of course I would be glad to hear of any omissions.

The various notes and references to Royal Arms in churches in Notes and Queries are listed separately, together with miscellaneous references in the correspondence of several other magazines.

I would like to thank two people who have provided me with much information which has been incorporated into this bibliography. Mr J.D. Lee of the Heraldry Society extracted a great deal from his own mammoth bibliographical project for my use, and Mr J.C. Sharp of the Birmingham Reference Library not only acquired many photocopies for me but was also instrumental in producing a small booklet called Royal Arms in Churches: A Reading List, which was available in the Library and which served as a basis for this present booklet.




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Carlisle (Diocese of)

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Hertfordshire see 14.

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Notes & Queries

Excluded from the following list of references are those which consist only of queries, and thus add nothing new to the subject.
Series 1 Vol. VI: 62, 108, 178, 227, 517
4 Vol. XII: 354
5 Vol. I: 37, 98
7 Vol. IX: 168, 317
8 Vol. II: 33
9 Vol. XII: 194, 396
10 Vol. V: 188, 230, 294, 336; Vol. VI: 53; Vol. IX: 287
11 Vol. II: 428, 513-14

Gentleman's Magazine

Several letters published in this magazine relate to Royal Arms in churches:
New Series: 15 (1841), 603-4
16 (1841), 19-20, 338, 450, 584
17 (1842), 496

Coat of Arms (Heraldry Society)

The following correspondence is of interest:
Vol. II: 233, 256, 308 (Royal Arms in St Alphage, Greenwich)
Vol. III: 207, 246, 335 (Proclamation of 1660)
Vol. IV: 253-54 (Home Office controversy)
Vol. VIII: 257 (Royal Arms at Hanbury, Bristol)

Country Life

The articles on the subject (see main Bibliography) tended to produce a good deal of correspondence, most of it useful. See also the 2/1/75 issue, p.30.

Essex Countryside

A letter in the November 1974 issue (p.52) describes the Royal Arms in St Thomas's, Bradwell on Sea.

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