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Year Location Address Description Source
1927 Causeway Green Church Langley The Good Shepherd

Three windows
Bill's Memories booklet, p.30

Early Days pages
1929 Cathedral Lagos, Nigeria 30 ft high, 2 tiers of 5 lights surrounded by tracery.
Lower tier Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Centre The Crucifixion & Ascension.
Upper tier
The Heavenly Host.
Newspaper articles

Stained Glass Lecture

Westmidlanders 1963

1929 Grammar School Oldbury Ten-light memorial WW1 featuring Justice, Fortitude and Courage Stained Glass Lecture

Bill's Memories booklet, p.30

Newspaper article

1933 Methodist Church New Street
3 lights – centre The Angel of the Resurrection, either side the son & daughter of the donor.
Later on 2 other windows.
Bill's Memories booklet, p.30

Westmidlanders 1963

Featured on the Stourbridge Stained Glass Works flier
1934 St Peters, Cradley Parish Church Cradley 3 new chancel windows –
St Peter, I am the Good Shepherd, St John
Stourbridge Stained Glass Works flier.

County Express article April 28 1934
1934 St Peters Cradley Parish Church   Six other chancel windows Westmidlanders  1963
1934 St Lukes Reddall Hill,
Cradley Heath
Teacher Ellen window
Newspaper article from 1934

Black Countryman winter 1963

Stourbridge Stained Glass Works flier

1934 St Lukes

Reddall Hill,
Cradley Heath
2 smaller windows in the Lady Chapel Stourbridge Stained Glass Works flier

Stained Glass Lecture

1935 Witley Church Great Witley Re-leading the Price windows Westmidlanders 1963

Price windows letter
1960 Mayoral Car Stourbridge Illuminated Town Arms Westmidlanders 1963
1963 New Providence Methodist Church Colley Gate Cradley Representation of the Christian life by colours Newspaper articles

Westmidlanders  1963

1965 St Andrews Church Wollescote Baptistery window
The Flames of the Trinity
Newspaper article
1967 Hospital Chapel Wordsley 14 windows – modern colour mosaic symbolic of the Christian Life Newspaper articles
1968 - 1971 St Peters Stourton Restored window
4 parts including St Chad wearing glasses
Newspaper article
1968 Family Home Wollescote 4 windows with coats of arms representing the education of his sons.  
1972 St Johns Dudley Wood Moved & rebuilt window from St Luke's Dudley Newspaper articles
1976 Stourbridge Spiritualist Church Union Street Stourbridge Design based on the Spiritualist emblem, the Sunflower Newspaper article August 27 1976
About 1976 Village Church
Kinver North Aisle, Foley Chapel
Rescued pieces from demolished Aisle.
Kinver Church newspaper article.
post 1982 St Luke's Cradley Heath Memorial window for Andrew Joseph Marson Design board
  St Marks Stambermill The Good Shepherd Westmidlanders 1963
  Baptist Church Cradley   Westmidlanders 1963
  Council House Stourbridge Windows including Borough Arms Westmidlanders 1963
  Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family Yardley, Birmingham 2 modern stained glass windows Newspaper article
  St Paul’s Church Worcester Replacement of pieces of stained glass broken by vandals Newspaper article
  Bethesda Methodist Church Cradley   Newspaper article
Still existing in 2010, photographed
Building demolished
Windows presumed lost
Not visited by 2012/
Not known
Away for repair in 2012

  Thanks are due to the many good people who allowed access in September 2010 and February 2012 to the various buildings where the windows mentioned by Bill are located and to take photographs used here to illustrate the notes originally made by him.  In all cases this was with good grace and fellowship.

Acknowledgement is made that the St Michael's Langley picture is from the Oldbury History site