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The neighbours down the hill at No. 40 were Mr & Mrs Geary.  They had a car which was kept in the garage for most of its life - memory recalls a green Wolsley 1500. The Gearys were Christadelphians and the car was taken out to drive to the chapel in Pedmore Road on a Sunday.  When they came back it was washed, dried off and put back in the garage until the next week.

During and after the war they had a pig sty at the bottom of their garden and kept a pig - not that unusual in the Midlands.  By the 1950s this had stopped with the pig sty remaining as a memory of times past.  It always seemed a small area to house a fairly large animal.

1961 - Mr Geary in the background

On the other side the gap site was built on but, as the houses in the road had been consecutively numbered was numbered 36a.  This was occupied by the Worton family into the 1960s and then by two men, Al and Frank.  Nora, without prejudice, found them pleasant and friendly neighbours, always ready to help.  They enjoyed their large garden growing lots of produce, though on occasion they must have despaired the times when our garden became overgrown with weeds and the seeds drifted over to their garden.