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On one side of the house was a garage.  This was more of a store than a garage, though when we were younger he fitted it out for us to use.  We had an electric train set, a Hornby O gauge, set out on a board.  On the other side Darroll had one end for his chemistry set and apparatus and Arlen had the other with a workbench and tools.  Maybe that's why Arlen now does so much DIY!  The grand scheme did not entirely work as we both went on to take degrees in chemistry.


about 1954

The garage was occasionally used for cars - Arlen remembers working on an old Humber and learning about engines from Bill in 1963.  He also used it to work on his mini around 1968, with a winch on the metal supporting beam to lift out and replace the engine and gearbox.


about 1954