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The house was newly built by the Wassell Brothers George and Fred in 1937-38 for Bill and Nora. It was quite some years later before a house was built next door, further uphill. Old bricks were used in the construction which was art deco style, with a flat roof.  Unusually for the Midlands it was completely covered with cement render.

Bill made leaded windows for the door and tall window at the front of the house and the other windows were in metal frames.



A mortgage was taken for the construction costs of 1000.  At 20 per month this was finally paid off in 1964.

The house was built at the top of the hill in Perrins Lane, a constant worry to Nora as we grew up and hurtled down the hill running or on our bicycles - and later in cars.




Bill did a lot of finishing work in the first few years - this must have been difficult in the war years in terms of cost, getting materials and time.  In 1940 Bill closed his stained glass business and worked at the Austin Motor works at Longbridge until 1953 when he resumed business.  He was an electrician and was involved in the construction of ambulances for the war effort.  He also did ARP work on the roof of the factory, spotting enemy planes, and was secretary for the spotters club.  This was voluntary on top of his work.  He left to catch a bus at 7 in the morning and was rarely home by 7 in the evening.



The back of the house started with just steps going down to the garden but Bill built a reinforced concrete terrace with large supporting pillars.  He always planned to use glass to edge the terrace but that never happened - a wire fence protected those using the terrace from falling over the edge.