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The cat detail above is from Postcard #1. Copyright (c) 1991 Dallas Goffin.



#1: Out of print.
"The Tractate Middoth" by Dallas Goffin: The spine of the eponymous book with suitable inhabitants. Warning: not recommended for arachnophobes!
#3: Out of print.
#4: "The Cross of Seven Eyes" by Dallas Goffin, inspired by "The Treasure of Abbot Thomas". Two-sided bookmark, the first side showing the stone incised with the seven eyes, and the second what emerged when the stone was removed!
#5: "The Diary of Mr Poynter" by Dallas Goffin, depicting Sir Everard Charlett's coffin lid on one side, with the contents of the coffin on the reverse.
#6: "The Tomb of Count Magnus" by Dallas Goffin: An intricate depiction of the panels on the side of Count Magnus's tomb (one panel based on the real monument which may have been a source of inspiration for this aspect of M.R. James's story - more on this in "Who was Count Magnus?" in G&S 33).

Price per bookmark: 40p/70¢ (or 35p/60¢ each on orders of six or more) plus p&p.


#1: "Wailing Well" by Paul Lowe: The four inhabitants of the haunted field. Reprinted from G&S 23.
"Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance" by Paul Lowe: The maze plan and that which came out of it! Reprinted from G&S 24.

Price per notecard: 65p/$1.10 (or 60p/$1 each on orders of six or more) plus p&p.


#1: "The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral" by Dallas Goffin (reprint from The James Gang)
#2: "The Ash-Tree" by Douglas Walters (previously unpublished)
#3: Out of print.
#4: "A Vignette" by Dallas Goffin (reprint from The Haunted Library Newsletter)
#5: "An Episode of Cathedral History" by Dallas Goffin (reprint from the front-cover of
G&S 20)
#6: "The Antiquary in his Library" by Douglas Walters (previously unpublished)
#7: "The Treasure of Abbot Thomas" by Dallas Goffin (previously unpublished)
#8: "M.R. James with James McBryde and Will Stone c.1899-1900" (photograph)
#9: "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad" (the sheet ghost) by Dallas Goffin (previously unpublished)
#10: "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad" (the scarecrow) by Jim Pitts (previously unpublished)
#11: "M.R. James with James McBryde and S.G. Lubbock c.mid-1890s" (photograph)
#12: "M.R. James when Provost of King's College, Cambridge, 1905-1918" (photograph; the card also includes a facsimile of M.R. James's signature)
#13: "The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance" (the owl at the window) by Dallas Goffin (previously unpublished)
#14: "The Tractate Middoth" by Paul Lowe (reprint from the front-cover of G&S 29)

Price per postcard: 40p/70¢ (or 35p/60¢ each on orders of six or more) plus p&p.

Postcards are 6" by 4", bookmarks 7" by 2", and notecards A5 (i.e. A4 folded - the same size as Ghosts & Scholars). The notecards are blank inside. The reduced price for six or more can be for any combination of items, including mixtures of cards and bookmarks.

Please add the following for postage & packing (your order will be sent in a strong card-backed envelope). Each postcard or bookmark counts as one unit; each notecard counts as four units:

Inland p&p: 1-8 units:60p; 9-20 units:70p; over 20 units:1p per additional unit.

Overseas p&p (minimum order 4 units, unless sent with booklets - see below):
Surface mail:
4-8 units:85p/$1.60; 9-20 units:£1.10/$2.00; over 20 units:3p/6¢ per additional unit.
Airmail: 4-8 units:£1.55/$3.00; 9-20 units:£2.00/$3.80; over 20 units:5p/10¢ per additional unit.

(If sending dollars, round up to the nearest whole dollar; the balance will be credited to your account.) Postage & packing on up to 4 units is free (inland and surface mail only) if you are ordering booklets/magazines which can be mailed in the same envelope.

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