Along those banks as oft we strolled

We watched the plants and flowers unfold

From early Spring to Autumn's close

Each week with changing colours rose

The loveliest gems, by nature planted

In vast profusion; flowers tall and bold

Tended by none - yet glorious to behold.


A wondrous show the year uncloses

Of snowdrops, bluebells and primroses,

Spikes of broom all splashed with yellow

Daisies, hare-bells and marshmallow

Poppies, foxgloves, fern and heather

Intimately grow together

Conspiring each to play a part

In cheering the eye, and gladdening the heart


Come! Walk with me along that way

In Springtime, say, sometime in May

When all the earth is paintd green

There pause awhile; admire the scene

And listen to the warbler's song

Where Severn's silver flows along

With swift serenity, and to distant motion

Adown its headlong trek to ocean.


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Copyright © A.H.Pardoe and W.D.Pardoe 1991