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This section includes other works by Bill that were not referred to in his talk on stained glass but have been identified as examples of his craft.


Stourbridge Council House


Stourbridge Arms
Council House, Mary Stevens Park Stourbridge
Window made by Bill Pardoe


  Stourbridge Spiritualist's Church

Artistís Notes on the window

The main design of the window consists of a representation of the sun, the emblem of the Spiritualistís movement, at the centre, surrounded by a wider border of colour in the form of a vortex; this is based upon a medieval idea of showing the path of life in colour.
Green, the colour of Hope and Springtime, rises from the depths and portrays young life in its upward striving to attain the Gold of Glory in the centre, while Red, the colour of Adversity assails and influences us from either side. It blends with the green in its upward struggle and finally emerges and disappears into the Blue of the Eternal at the apex of the window.


Spiritualistís Church, Stourbridge
Window made by Bill Pardoe


  New Street Methodist Church, Wordsley

The church has now been converted to a private home but the windows have been retained. The main window is in three lights, the centre figure of the Angel of the Resurrection and on either side the daughter and son of the donor.

Old Methodist Church, New Street, Wordsley
Window made by Bill Pardoe

Artist's note on the window

The theme of the memorial window is the foundation of the Christian faith - the Resurrection.

For our comfort in the sorrows, doubts and fears by which we are assailed, the figure in the central light bears witness to the keystone of our faith - the 'Resurrection of the Dead'. This figure, robed in crimson and white, with azure wings is depicted in triumphant attitude, bearing aloft a banner, on which are inscribed the words 'He is not here, but is risen', words which have been the comfort of so many.

There are also two other windows, one each side of the central group. These were added later.


Church of the Holy Family, Yardley


Church of the Holy Family, Yardley
Window made by Bill Pardoe

Two modern stained glass windows near the altar of the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family at Yardley, Birmingham.

Kinver Church

The North Aisle of St Peterís Church was demolished and rebuilt about 1976.

Bill recovered some of the glass and used it to make new panels which he restored to the Church.

The Foley Chapel
Bill took part of windows to make circular panels.  These were inserted into tall leaded lights which he then installed in the wall separating the north aisle and the Foley Chapel. 

Click here to see him working on these windows.


The Lantern
He also used panels to make this lantern which hangs over the font.


Family Home, Perrins Lane

A set of four rhomboid panels following the shape of the stairs. Each panel has features specially designed and made by Bill and also include antique stained glass items from old windows that Bill had dismantled.

The inner panels feature coats of arms from educational establishments attended by Bill's sons.

The outer panels include quotations from some of Bill's favourite literary works representing the four seasons.

(You can click on each panel to see an enlarged view).

Spring quotation from
'Summers Last Will and Testament'
by Thomas Nashe

Summer quotation from 'The Scholar-Gipsy'
by Matthew Arnold'





Arms of Cambridge University

Arms of Downing College, Cambridge










Arms of London University

Arms of King Edward VI Grammar School, Stourbridge












Autumn quotation from 'To Autumn'
by John Keates

Winter quotation from
'As You Like It'
by Wm Shakespeare

Private House, Perrins Lane
Window made by Bill Pardoe



The front door contains unusually shaped leaded lights made from tinted glass and bullions.


The cloakroom window is a characteristic multi-coloured leaded glass window.



Craft Work

Bill would use odd pieces of glass rescued from old stained glass windows recovered from buildings to make a variety of craft pieces.  Many of these were sold to raise funds for his interest in the restoration of the church at Witley Court.



Large glass carboy covered in leaded glass

Lamp Shade