Description of Memorial

The memorial is a ten-light stained glass window, and the ideas depicted are courage, justice and fortitude; ideals inspiring these youths who were not hardened soldiers, but young men of honour, courage and conviction, who were believing in the justice of their cause. In the central light is the enthroned figure of justice, holding in her hands her ancient emblems, the sword and scales, and looking upon the world with cold impartial gaze. One her right, courage is depicted as a youth holding aloft in his left hand a torch, whilst his hands rests lightly on the hilt of his sword. Though clad in armour, no helmet is there, suggesting that these youths were not professional fighting men, but boys who went from school, college, office and mart, at the call of duty. One her left, bearing his banner, unflinching amongst a shower of arrows, stand another youth, showing the fortitude with which these brave young soldiers faced hardship, privation, suffering and death. The two outer lights contain cartouches on which are inscribed the names of the eight old boys who laid down their lives. In four of the upper lights appear emblems of the various arms of the service, Navy, Army, Medical and Air, whilst in the centre is the emblazoned "Cresco", the badge of the school.

Mr Stokes had the assistance of Mr W F Pardoe, of the Stourbridge Stained Glass Works, who has so frequently collaborated with him in the making up and enamelling of stained glass windows.  A beautiful description of the window written and illuminated by Miss V. M. H , a former pupil of the school, is placed beneath the window.